Terms and conditions for Brun og blid model contest

All participant have to be 18 years old when the final of contest is held!

It is not permitted to enroll other participants but yourself.

Participants who submit what may be considered inappropriate information and / or images will be disqualified.

Please note that the information and pictures you post on the internet can be saved on other computers even if we delete the information that you have uploaded. Consideration must be taken carefully in what you put out as there may be something you might regret in the future.

Registration and publication of information and images is at your own risk.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Media Authority’s rules of netiquette before entering this competition. Netiquette rules can be found at www.nettvett.no

Only votes cast from this webpage applies. Other votes leads to disqualification.

Image Usage and Rights

By uploading pictures on the website, you grant us free right to use the images in a limited time from enrollment.

We will only use the pictures on the website, in connection with press releases, promotion and marketing materials directly associated with the competition.

You must have rights to the photos you post or make appropriate arrangements with the copyright holder. By submitting images you confirm that you have the copyright to the images.

The images will also be made freely available to the media in connection with the Contest.

Any other use of the images will be agreed in each case with the various participants.

We reserve the right to delete any photos with offensive content at its own discretion. Photos of participants under 18 (unless they are 18 when the time for contest finals comes) will also be deleted.

We may request police giving us an access to investigate the material sent, received or stored through our services.

We assume no responsibility if the passed material or information which we believe is contrary to etiquette or come across as unsuitable or offensive.

If you have signed up and want to withdraw from the competition, send an email to brunogblidmodell@brunogblid.com, then we will delete the registration.

Questions regarding the competition can be sent to the jury and competition administrator, by e-mail: brunogblidmodell@brunogblid.com

Brun og blid

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