Brun og blid Model competition is a combined women and men competition in which both genders can register and compete.

The final will be held in June 2019 and there will only be one winner. There will be no minimum height, weight, age as well as  gender or marital status required. We only require applicants to be aged 18 or older at the time the final is held in 2019.

There is an ongoing registration to the competition until February 28th 2019, and all entries will be taken into consideration regardless of when applicants register.

Registration and voting for the competitors will take place on our website at

Active self promoting via social platforms is highly encouraged. The more votes candidate gets, the bigger chance is to be a monthly winner or the one among of 3 highest voted who proceed to the semi-finals.

All participants will be asked to provide their full name, age, height, place of residence, email address and phone number. Please note that no height, email or phone number will be displayed on the website for confidentiality purposes. All participants must provide a minimum of four pictures which should include two facial (front and profile) and two of their body (half and figure). If there are restrictions of using the pictures from photographers or any related people, please do not upload such kind of pictures.

Women are asked to provide pictures in a bikini and men in bathing shorts. Pictures must be suitable to be in the Brun og blid Model competition. We highly apppreciate the natural pictures with no filters or any other corrections. Pictures in low quality, with disturbing backgrounds and not showing the signing person will not proceed through the competition.


Each month, 20 candidates will be selected and their pictures will then be posted on the website . The winner of the month will be announced on the last day of the month at midnight and the next 20 new candidates will be put up for a vote.

The candidate with the most votes will win for the month and will progress through to the semi-finals. Winners from September to March (7 in total) will go directly to the semi-finals.

”Second Chance”:

On 1st of April  20 former participants with highest amount of votes from previous months (who did not win) get another chance in the “Second Chance” voting, where 10 of those lucky ones who has the most votes on 30th of April will proceed directly to the sami-finals as well.

”3 most voted”:

In addition, 3 participants from the all monthly candidates who has the highest number of votes in total, in comparison with other month candidates, will proceed to the semi-finals. For example, if the candidate at month between September and March with 10,000 votes looses for another candidate at the same month with 11.000 votes, there is still a chance to be qualified for the semi-finals, if nobody from the other months candidates from 2nd, 3rd or lower ranks will outpass the 10,000 votes (or any other specific number at that moment) in period between September and March.

The monthly winner receives 1500 NOK for tanning into  Brun og blid Solpass App.
All 20 candidates who were picked for monthly competition receives 250 NOK for tanning into SolApp.


The 20 semi-finalists will aslo be posted on the website at 00.01 on 2nd of May. Voting for the finals will take place via sms where those 10 finalists gaining the most votes progress through to the finals. Voting which is lasting for 2 days will end up on 3rd of May at midnight.


The finals will be held in Bergen, Norway, 1st of June 2019.

Every finalist will be provided with

  • Brun og blid goodiebag with special products
  • 2500 NOK for tanning to Brun og blid Solapp

2nd place winner will be awarded with prize worth 10.000 NOK

3rd place winner will be awarded with prize worth 5000 NOK

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